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RAA is empowering students to be the light of Jesus that changes the world.


RAA is a school centered on the love of Christ empowering our students to strengthen their character and become closer to God. We care for the uniqueness of each student by developing skill sets to allow for success in higher educational endeavors, creating minds to become great thinkers, leaders, and lifelong learners. We focus on teaching the importance of health and wellness so students can reach their potential and serve their communities and others for Christ.


RAA is centered on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and the beliefs of the Christian Seventh-day Adventist Church, as expressed in our following Core Values:


  • Character – Ensure our actions are consistent with our Christ-centered values and reflect the image of God in all that we do. 

  • Excellence – Commit to a growth mindset persistently pursuing academic excellence focusing on what we don’t understand through grit, determination and experiential learning.  

  • Service – Seek to reflect the heart of God through actively engaging in service to others.  

  • Whole Person – Recognize the need for a balanced life in the development of intellect, physical, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing through wellness principles.  

  • Connection – Develop honest, growing relationships with our students, parents, churches, and our loving God.


What an amazing blessing RAA has been for not only my two youngest children, but for our whole family! 

Neither my husband or myself grew up Adventist or had the privilege of attending a private Christian school.  I definitely had my doubts at first, but with my son getting ready to embark on a whole new experience (middle school), I knew it was the perfect time to transition out of public school. 


My son enjoyed public school and is very much a leader, but my daughter was not having the same positive experience. To top it off they were coming home with questions I wasn't quite ready to answer, and they definitely weren't old enough to understand. I felt the Holy Spirit leading me to change directions and He opened every door possible to make it an effortless transition! Now my daughter comes home every day with a smile on her face and has blossomed so much in this last year. My son is continuing to be challenged in a healthy way toward becoming an exceptional leader and young man of God. 

I can't say enough how much we love our RAA family and look forward to many more amazing years to come! 

Tiffany Keeney, RAA Mom

Established in 1933, RAA first opened its doors in a stone building on Freebridge Street.

After a couple of moves, the current school property was purchased in 1953 and the first building was erected. That makes RAA over 80 years old (young)! 

We praise God for His constant blessing on RAA and continue to ask for His guidance and presence in the lives of each student that walks through its doors. 

Redding Adventist Academy is a part of the much larger Adventist Education system, which has operated schools in North America since 1872, and which includes more than 800 institutions ranging from preschools to universities.

Students who receive an Adventist education are more likely to excel academically than their public school counterparts. A full 85% of students who attend Adventist elementary schools attend college, versus 65% of public school students, and more than 80% of our students complete their college degrees, versus 14% of students from public school.

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