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High School Essentials

RAA High School Essentials is a supplemental education program designed to complement the academic learning of students attending home school and local charter school programs. Essentials students meet on campus on Tuesdays and Thursdays for Bible study, life skills training, presentations by guest speakers, outdoor activities, mission trips, local service projects, theatrical performances, and fundraising efforts that make long-distance history trips affordable. 

"If I had to choose a word to represent RAA, it would be home. Home is where my daughter now attends. It is the place where she is getting a Christian education and where phenomenal teachers instruct her. Home is where I know my child feels safe, secure, and loved.


When I attended RAA years ago, I fostered friendships that have lasted the test of time. It warms my heart to see the very same people that I went to school with bringing their own children to RAA. Whether you are a new family considering RAA for the first time, or one of us 'old-timers,' I would love for you to come and see what RAA has to offer so that you can also experience home."

Allison Post-Deavers, RAA Mom / RAA Alumnus

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