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About Me


Carrie Copithorne


"Call upon me and I will answer and show you great and mighty things which you do not know."

Jeremiah 33:3 

Favorite Bible Text:


  • Graduated from PUC with BA in Liberal Studies with an emphasis in Bible, Social Studies, Science and Language Arts.

  • Professional Clear credential, with a CLAD certificate.


Work Experience:

Teaching since 2000.

"As a person who loves adventure and travel, the world of education is a perfect fit.  Each day new blessings await and new things are on the horizon.  It is wonderfully exciting to work with children and to see the Fruits of the Spirit be fostered on a daily basis. Having spent the past 20 years in the classroom, my goal is to go above and beyond by creating an environment where everyone on our campus is thriving.  Here at RAA, we not only give kids an excellent academic education but also ensure they are given opportunities to grow in character. 

I feel honored to have answered the call into leadership.  It is my great privilege to work with such a wonderful staff and teaching team. Together, with God’s leading, we will continue to do great things."



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