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Redding Adventist Academy is accredited by the Accrediting association of Seventh-day Schools, colleges and Universities (AAA.) RAA provides a curriculum for grades K-10 as prescribed by the Pacific Union Conference Education Code and is administered by the Northern California conference of Seventh-day Adventists Department of Education. 

Elementary Core Curriculum

In grades 1-8 students receive instruction in reading, writing, math, spelling, language arts, social studies, science, computes, fine arts, physical education, religion and music.

Elementary curriculum features:

  • Field trips and Outdoor Education. A wide variety of informative field trips as well as several outdoor education activities provide enrichment and serve as a valuable learning resource for the instructional program.

  • Mission Outreach. Developing abilities and providing service to other is emphasized a t redding Adventist academy through the integration of community service activities. 

  • Assemblies. Regular assembly program of a religious, cultural, or entertainment nature enrich the curriculum.

  • Music Programs. Various school programs, performances and festivals engage our students in ministering to the community.

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